May 02, 2018

Comic vs. Manga

Let's take a quick look at main differences between Manga and Comic. I don't intend to get too deep into the subject. I just want to keep it as basic as possible. Be sure that I have no intention of offending any of the fans in any way and I try to remain as objective as I can.

Mangas are rooted in Japan while Comics are originated in the USA. This is definitely where all the differences are born since there's a huge cultural gap between these two countries. Ideologically speaking, we would never see the contents and concepts of a manga in a comic and vice-versa. They are not even two sides of a coin but rather two sides of two entirely different objects. Mangas mostly deal with deeper aspects of humanness while they exhibit them in a grotesque and surreal way. Comics often deal with basic heroism and they largely are based on the protagonist who will eventually put out the antagonist for a short period. Okay, let me stop myself from getting any deeper into the ideological differences.

The next and the most obvious difference is the style. Comics have been published with colored illustrations as long as I can remember while Mangas are essentially drawn in B&W. However, you will not get a Comic by coloring a Manga because of the art style. Mangas mostly use expressionism while comics are often drawn in realism art style. There is also another minor difference. Mangas must be read from right to left. Even most of the English editions are published in this fashion while Comics normally use the regular left to right style.

In case you did not notice, I am a Manga fan but that does not stop me from reading good comics such as The Killing Joke.