Oct 23, 2018

Play Skyrim With Toilet

This game again.

Imagine you’re going to the toilet, and there is some time to kill and this interesting thought crosses your mind: I wonder if I could play Skyrim here? Well now you can do just that. No I’m not talking about bringing portable consoles to the bathroom, I mean playing Skyrim with the toilet itself. Yup, you just read that.

At first it was just a joke, THA MAN, Todd Howard, in E3 was just embracing the memes when he introduced the Skyrim: Very Special Edition, it’s all over the internet. Sometime later after that, the joke became reality, now people can play Skyrim: Very Special Edition with Alexa! And it has one of the most epic features in the history of gaming: (these are taken from the amazon, no kidding)

• Guard your knees against arrows

• Fatally harm mudcrabs

• Die

• Eat sweet rolls

• Talk with guards

• Open wooden doors

• Open iron doors

That should be an Epic journey right? Now it’s come to the attention of Reddit users that you can play it on a “smart toilet”.

Jokes aside, Skyrim is one of the greatest games of all time. And people are still loyal to this game. Steam statistics show that recently 50 thousand people were playing skyrim (Legendary edition and Special Edition) in a 1 single day, and that is not counting the players on other consoles.

And Bethesda didn’t disappoint the modders, skyrim was available for modding from the beginning and it has probably the most active modding community, at least that’s how it is on Nexusmods.

I’m not gonna talk about if skyrim is good game or not(IMO it’s GREAT), but it’s just fun how many times this game makes a comeback, through Mods, through ports to other consoles, through remasters, through memes, or through your toilet.