May 14, 2018

Piece of a Masterpiece

This is Guernica, a true masterpiece of modern art, drawn by famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Words can never reach this level of conveyance of meaning. I neither understand nor can ever hope to understand the whole painting. Whenever I gaze into this work of art, I discover something new, as if Piccaso is still adding more details to it.

This time the man with the oil lamp caught my attention. I tried to color it, so you would easily find him in this artistic anarchy. Why is he doing that? There is obviously an electric lamp beside his hand. Is he looking for something that he has lost? Then why is he still inside? Why through a window? Which lamp is the walking man staring at? Are those two men connected in any way?

Oh, there are too many questions and none are going to be answered. I hate to have an answerless question and I already have a mountain of them. I have always been criticized for overthinking but I know to avoid criticism, I should say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing. Eff this world, I'm getting outta here.

(Mic Drop)