Mar 21, 2019

Nowruz, A Day to Celebrate

Let’s have a look at Persian mythology and know why people are celebrating in our game, Rostam:Warrior of Light.

In ancient Persian culture, everyone celebrated the first day of each year, in their calendar, which is somewhere around 20th of march, that day, by Persian people is called Nowruz. It’s a combination of two words,Now (new in English) and Ruz (Day in English).

The shahnameh credits the foundation of Nowruz to the mythical Iranian King Jamshid, who saves mankind from a winter destined to kill every living creature.To defeat the killer winter, Jamshid constructed a throne studded with gems. He had demons raise him above the earth into the heavens; there he sat, shining like the Sun. The world's creatures gathered and scattered jewels around him and proclaimed that this was the New Day (Now Ruz). This was the first day of Farvardin which is the first month of the Iranian Calendar.

And thus a tradition was born. Every year, before Nowruz, Persians made sure that there is no dirty clothes and no garbage in their homes, made their home completely clean, and sat down around a table filled with Seven types of “food”, and that includes so many things.

Iranians have Haft-sin (seven foods beginning with the letter sin(س)), each food represents a plea, that the family wants certain things in their lives for the next year. For example, apple one of the “sin”s, represents being healthy, or Sabze, wheat grown in a dish, represents life, and having children. There is also more Seven Types, For Example, In Afghanistan, people do it with Haft Mewa, meaning 7 fruits. And there is also another type which is called Haft-shin (seven foods beginning with the letter sin(س)).

It’s like christmass, people also give gifts to each other, called Eydi. This most of the times comes in the form of money.

But aside from all of this, people around this time of year, had time for a family gathering. Personally I think this is the most Important thing.