Jun 02, 2018

Character Creation Campaign

This is a campaign for the people of Zabol, the main city of Rostam:WOL game. There will be several unique interactive NPCs (non-playable characters) who will give you more details about the storyline and some interesting backstories of the game through conversation. Now it is your chance to have a character of your desire in the game.

You can start describing the character by its gender. Will it be a he or a she? Afterward, you would want to determine the age of your character and so on. These were the basic factors of course. We would like to have creative and interesting characters who would develop an attitude during the game or have a change of character in midst of the game.

Let's have an example so you can easily describe the character you have in mind: An old man with a bald head. He has lost his left eye during his young age. He claims that he has lost it in the battlefield. He always criticizes the new generation and how soft they have become. He does not believe in the strength of king's army. Generally, he has an unpleasant tone toward Rostam as a young hero. Later on, Rostam will come to know that he has wasted his eye deliberately by a kitchen knife to be disqualified for military recruitment.

You can send us as many characters as you like. You can do this through social media but we prefer our mail gateway. So the ones which are mailed will surely be assessed and you will get the results as soon as they are ready. However, if you send it through social media like Twitter, there will be a great chance that we would inevitably miss it. You can easily mail us in the bottom of our website: DiacoStudios.com