Oct 16, 2018

A Brief Introduction: Zaal

Today we’re talking about a hero from our story, nope. Not Rostam. We’re Talking about his father, Zaal.

Right off the bat, we should know what Zaal means. In the Persian language “zaal” refers to those who have albinisim, and Zaal himself, was born with albinisim, Every single hair on his body was White. However, that might be connected to the powers he has.

Zaal was born with great magical capability, He quickly became an important figure within the affairs of the realm. But this was all after he was cast out as an infant child by none other than his own father. Why you ask? Well, Albinisim was considered a curse, and Sam, Zaal’s Father, Saw it as a bad omen and exiled him, when Zaal was only but an infant, without a name.

How Zaal survived the exile, took his name, and grew to be this important is all in a cloud of mysteries. Some say he was blessed by the Simurgh, an ancient God, with great wisdom and powers.

He was given many titles and lands however among all his accomplishments one great mystery surrounds him, His son Rostam… Well, he kinda just came out of nowhere. It is said that in Zaal's 564th (yes he was THAT old) year of birth he disappears without any trace for a decade and when he returns, a new born baby is seen with him. That infant later becomes our main Protagonist, Rostam. Although, when you think about it, It’s impossible to grow a baby when you’re 500 years old, but, Somehow Zaal is able to keep his temper for growing a kid, and we have Rostam.