Jan 29, 2019

Brief introduction : Daevas

Hey everyone,

after a few weeks of absence, we’re back with another dev blog, containing stuff from the world of Rostam, a World occupied by other races than humans, one of them known as the Deava.

There’s not much information about them, a race clouded by mysteries, the blood clan from the Daeva, are one of the few Daevas seen by the outside world, they do not usually venture beyond the borders of the blood forest.

On the other side of the great mountains that separates The Empire from "Ma Xandran" lies an uncharted land.

And with mystery, comes rumors. Rumors of treasure, gold, and divine objects, and these rumors were believed in the court of the empire. Convincing the Emperor himself Kaykavus, to plan for an invasion…

I know leaving you right now is like a buzzkill, but this is supposed to be sneak peak, hope you enjoyed it :)